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Jual Murah Syqwest Bathy 500df Dual Frequency Echosounder

Kategori Echo Sounder
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he Bathy-500DF is a state-of-the-art electronic survey instrument used to generate precision chart recordings and digital data output. Low power consumption, portability, ease of use, rugged construction, and built-in communication interfaces for navigation/ data logging devices make the Bathy-500DF ideal for shipboard
use. The instrument is housed within a splash-proof, aluminum enclosure. The Bathy-500DF is technologically sophisticated, utilizing modern, microprocessor-
based electronics and a thermal chart recorder mechanism. Digital processing enables the instrument to offer fully automatic bottom digitizing capabilities. When interfaced to a NMEA 0183-compatible position sensor, the Bathy-500DF provides the user with a complete, integrated hydrographic survey environment.

Front Panel Interface The instrument front panel consists of a high contrast, backlit four-line ( 16 characters per line) LCD display, and a fully-sealed input keypad.
All operating parameters are at the user’ s fingertips, with immediate selection feedback provided via the LCD display. LCD display menu pages encompassing
system data, status, and setup parameters are provided for each of the following:

Interleaved Dual Frequency Operation Compatible with Hypack™ and HydroPro™ Software Processing Packages
Thermal Recorder
Depth Resolution 1cm
LCD Display; RS232/422 Output
External Programmable Annotation
GPS/NAV Integration; NMEA 0183 Input
Menu Selectable Frequencies of Operation
Power 11-30VDC, 115/230V, 50/60Hz, < 40watts

Standard Configuration:
Bathy-500DF Survey Echo Sounder
AC Power Cable
DC Power Cable
MF Data I/O Plug Kit
Spare Fuse Kit
Chart Paper Kit
Operators Manual
P01745- Transducer, 210/50Khz DF w/Diplexer M191 Style

Optional Transducers:
Single Frequency Transducers: 33kHz, 40kHz, 50kHz, 200kHz
Dual Frequency Transducers: 33/210kHz, 50/210kHz

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