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Crossline Laser A8816

Crossline Laser A8816
Kategori Waterpass Auto Level
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Crossline Laser A8816



This product projects 4 vertical laser lines and 4 horizontal laser lines and it self ¨C levelling. It creates 6 cross points: up, down, right, left, front and back. All cross points have laser dot which are extension of level and plumb so it can be used outdoor as well as indoor.


Wave length 635nm/line, 650nm/dot
Precision of vertical ± 2 mm/5M
Precision of horizontal ± 2 mm/ 5M
Precision of up/down point ± 1.0 mm/ 5M
Precision of right angle 90º ± 0.03º
Laser beam angle Horizontal 360º
Vertical > 200º
Time of stable equilibrium < 5 sec
Working temperature range -5ºC ~ +45ºC
Micro-adjusting range ± 8º
Dimensions 80x60x160mm
Weight(itself) 521g
Auto self-levelling range ± 3°
Battery power 2 AA batteries
Life time(MMTF) >2000 hours
Safety/Quality approval


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