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Concrete Test Hammer WTC-H

Concrete Test Hammer WTC-H
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Concrete Test Hammer WTC-H


This simple to use gauge consists of a spring loaded plunger which, when released, strikes the surface with fixed and constant impact energy. During the rebound stroke, the mass moves a pointer that indicates the maximum point of return and at the same time indicates a reference value called Rebound Number.

This number, converted by the correlations available on the hammer, gives the compression resistance value in respect of the impact angle.

Impact Energy 2.207 Nm
Supplied with abrasive stone to prepare test surface
Aluminium body
Rebound value indicated on test hammer
Rebound value chart on body, for quick calculation of compressive strength
Curve selection on chart dependant on testing angle
The concrete hammer, often called a rebound hammer, is supplied with plastic carrying case, grinding stone and instructions manual.



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